Zonta International and the United Nations

Zonta International service has been closely linked with the United Nations since Zonta expressed support for the fledgling UN in 1946. As an international non-governmental organization (NGO), Zonta brings women's concerns to the UN, suggests solutions, draws public attention to issues and encourages its members to participate at the local level.zonta-un-lg.gif

Zonta maintains representatives of its United Nations Committee at UN sites in Geneva, New York, Paris and Vienna. Committee members attend UN conferences, and UN agency, committee and commission sessions.

Accredited NGOs, like Zonta, participate in these sessions by providing written statements and oral presentations on issues being considered. NGOs also may organize panels relating to the general debate.

UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) 
Since 1985, Zonta has had general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), one of six principal bodies carrying out UN work.

ECOSOC is responsible for two-thirds of UN programs, in particular, those concerned with economic issues such as trade, industrialization and development, as well as social issues such as women’s rights, children and social welfare. ECOSOC makes recommendations on how to improve education and health conditions 
and to promote respect for and observance of the human rights and freedoms of people everywhere.

Commission on the Status of Women
One of nine functional ECOSOC committees, the Commission on the Status of Women 
(CSW) is the leading policymaking body concerned with women's rights and the equal status of women. Since 1946,the CSW has convened an annual conference, now attended by thousands of women worldwide, to discuss issues of paramount concern for women.

Department of Public Informaton 
Zonta is one of many NGOs associated with theUnited Nations Department of Public Information because of its strong programs on issues of concern to women. The UN provides NGOs access to information and materials and the NGOs agree to disseminate information to their membership.

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